• Standard Customs Clearance £55 (This charge is made by us to Customs to clear your Shipment)
  • Delivery to your Home or Business. Charges depend on distance from the Port, the weight and dimensions of the shipment. Standard delivery is from Monday to Friday between 9am- 5pm.
  • Timed delivery. Deliveries in evenings, early morning, weekends or by a "tail-lift truck" are done on request and by quotation.
  • Delivery to an Amazon FBA location is done on request and by quotation.
  • You're most welcome to collect your shipment from the Airport Warehouse once Customs has cleared it. Terms and conditions apply. Specific ID is required to enable you to collect the shipment yourself. owever, if you're not an experienced commercial importer this is not recommended.


  • Customs Import Vat & Duty. This relates to commercial imports or private imports without a TOR.
  • Terminal handling. This charge is made by all lines. The charges vary by Line and Consolidator.
  • Terminal Storage. The shipments have up to 5 days of "free time" before the bond will charge storage. This charge is made by all Lines and varies with each Line and Consolidator.
  • Third party document, handover and other fees. Sometimes freight arrives in the UK as part of a "consolidation", which means that the Lines Agent charges a fee.
  • Local Government fees. Applicable on Health Inspection of food or items selected for random inspection.
  • Inspection Fees. X-ray fees are charged by Port authorities in case the goods are inspected by Customs.
  • A £25 Bank Chaps Fee. It is charged if we need to pay HM Customs Vat & Duty on your behalf on the same day
  • Agency Fee. If we advance charges on your behalf to a Government Agency, Carrier or Other, then a 15% Agency Fee (a minimum of £45, per payment made on your behalf) is added to your invoice.


  • Copy of the "Bills of Lading" and any other relevant documents such as a suppliers invoice, arrival notice etc.
  • A TOR number. If you don't have a TOR number import taxes may apply.
  • A detailed list of contents of the shipment with values of individual items.
  • A copy of the picture page of your passport. Scanned, photocopy or camera phone image are acceptable.
  • Commercial Imports for a business require an EORI number. If required, we can help you apply for one.